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Our Products


Through our products, from spices to eggs, from fruits to meat and vegetables, we are sure you’ll appreciate the quality and authenticity that stand us out and will make you to discover taste and enjoy the food all the year around.

In addition to this we would like to convey some very important values ​​for us, as the magic of touch with nature, the importance of learning and passing on traditions and customs, the importance of having a lasting relationship with the client and the satisfaction of seeing materialize day after day the fruit of our commitment and effort.



Kitchen Garden

Azienda Agricola

In Villa Serica’s vegetable garden we produce potatoes, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, courgettes, marrows, peppers, eggplant, beets, peppers, carrots, celery, peas, beans, green beans ... and of course saffron.

To cultivate our garden we follow the method of natural farming, biodynamic agriculture. For this reason the vegetables and fruits are grown without pesticides, no chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Azienda Agricola

The soil is fertilized with goat manure and ashes of our stove and it is harmonized by planned crop rotations, intercropping plants and macerated plant-based spraying.

Following the principles of permaculture, we use grass clippings for mulch in the vegetables garden, in order to keep wet the soil and control weeds and we use the beer to combat slugs.

Sitting across a table of products result of your own work is a unique and rich experience, that everyone should be able to do it, and we can not give our clients the best quality assurance that what we sell is also what we eat.



The Orchard


Nature is very generous, not only in giving us plenty of fruits, but also the wonder that manages to create in every season.
It’s impossible not to be enchanted in front of the spectacular winter frosts, when everything crystallizes and stops and it seems impossible that it should come to life again, or entranced by the spring flowering fruit trees, or puzzled by the amount of leaves and fruit in summer the trees are able to produce.

But perhaps the most fascinating season is autumn, because in that moment of apparent decline and abandonment of nature, underneath lies a wonderful revival project.
Looking closely at the trees, we see they are stripped of their robes and seem in preparation for the harsh winter, it turns out that they are preparing themselves for a new renaissance, in fact they are already covered with gems that will come out in spring.




The Animals

Our farm is made up mostly of barnyard animals such as chickens, turkeys and ducks that we keep for eggs and meat. They are fed exclusively on our produced corn, scraps from the kitchen, and of course the various insects they found when they are scratching in the garden.

Azienda AgricolaAzienda AgricolaAzienda Agricola

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