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News Zafferano

Saffron - Red Gold from Bergamo


ZafferanoSaffron is the stigma of the flower Crocus Sativus. Within its corolla are located, at the end of a white filament, three strands of bright red color (stigmas), which constitute the saffron itself and two shorter yellow wires called "femminelle" which have no colouring power and that must be discarded at harvest.

It is collected from mid October to mid November.



Collecting and Drying

prodottoEvery morning at dawn when the corolla is still closed, the flowers are cut at the base.

In the laboratory, each flower is treated individually, eliminating the protective film and removing the stigma, leading to one side of the flower and removing them at the beginning of the
yellow end.

The stigmas are placed neatly on the drying racks and when they are full are placed in the dryer on top of the wood stove.

The drying is carried out by checking that the temperature remains between 40 ° -45 ° C until the product does not crumble to the simple contact.

After drying the product is put into glass jars with airtight and kept in a dark, dry place.

Most of the work is carried out manually, this is the main reason of the high final cost of this spice.


raccolta Sfioratura Sfioratura
Sfioratura Sfioratura Sfioratura


ZafferanoIt 's very important for proper preservation, that saffron is exposed in places where humidity and brightness have to be  very low, in order to avoid deterioration of the product.
Our company currently produces about 200 grams of saffron a year, which is about 3 tons of bulbs (more than 15,000 flowers), with the aim to arrive within a few years to produce at least 1 kg of finished product per year and also to start the sale of the bulbs of saffron. .
This is an annual crop and the soil is cultivated without addition of chemical fertilizers or herbicides: the care we take in the treatment and the passion we put into our work guarantees the exceptional quality of our saffron.



Trade Mark

On April 26, 2012 was filed at the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo the Trade Mark for the protection of our distinctive logo, Villa Serica and the slogan Red Gold from Bergamo, associated with the production of saffron.

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